The 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming are already causing problems in Utah

Coalville, Utah- This morning  broke the story that 90 kangaroos were released in Dubois, Wyoming.


Not long after the kangaroos found their way to Utah. They were spotted around Echo Reservoir. Kangaroos are fond of fish, birds and have plenty of greens to eat. Hyrum Tolman of the Utah DWR thinks they will hang around the area for along time and start breeding.

When the kangaroos made their way to Coalville, that’s when the trouble started. Kangaroos happen to be very fond of beer. Problem is, they are billegerent drunks. Reports are pouring in of drunken Kangaroos breaking into houses, stealing food, beer, and whatever else they can get their paws on.

Jed Cummings, a Coalville resident said “I went outside today to go to work and noticed broken glass on the ground by my truck. The kangaroos stole a few CDS from my collection. They were pretty selective about what they took. Men at Work, Midnight Oil, AC-DC, Keith Urban, Olivia Newton John and Crowded House CDs. They only took CDs made by Australian bands. That’s when I knew it was the damn kangaroos!”

Emma Smith, of Echo said “They broke into my home and stole twinkies, beer and a BMX Bandits VHS tape. I guess they like shitty Nicole Kidman movies.”


Kangaroos have been known to box and fight. Unfortunately, adrunk kangaroo is 10 times worse. Here’s two kangaroos fighting in the streets of Coalville.

Kangaroos are also being struck by cars. Here’s a dashcam video of a kangaroo being struck by a car off of I-80 East.

Wyoming obiously made a big mistake releasing these kangaroos into to the wild. Day one and these kangaroos are causing nothing but trouble.

Do not approach the kangaroos, they are dangerous and love to fight.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.



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  1. I just saw 1 real nice Roobuck, and a couple kangadoes over by Shell wy. Scurveymukluks hopped all the way over to the Bighorns.

    1. They are already here…..figured out where it is being grown. And you thought a drunk roo was something – you ought to see them toasted!

  2. Wyoming obviously made a big mistake releasing these kangaroos into to the wild! The mistake wasn’t nearly as bad as releasing (introducing) wolves to the Yellowstone area! The areas that I used to hunt don’t have game anymore! Wolves hunt for sport and are vicious killers!

    1. That is not true wolves hunt to eat and only take the easy prey, the old and lame for example. They actually keep the herds healthier and stronger by taking the weak. Man on the other hand want to kill the strongest healthiest buck, taking him out of the gene pool. Leaving you to say there is no game worth killing in the area!

    2. You gotta be stupid. Wolves dont hunt for sport that is a feline characteristic . But they DO tend to over hunt the only reason you dont hunt that area any mpre is you are pussy whipped and your woman makes too much noise and scares all the game away, even the hookers left.

  3. Warning: If you hit one with your car, it will turn in a millisecond and kick out your radiator (and maybe your windshield) before it falls. That’s why Aussies use very heavy ‘roo-bars’ on their cars and trucks – it’s to protect the vehicle from these savage mega-beasts. Observers from Downunder expect them to take over Yellowstone in a matter of weeks. They never stop breeding (so be careful going too close)!

  4. I’ve never read such utter rubbish about roos. If they were released by the games park, that is a concern since that means that they intend on hunting the roos and violently killing them. Don’t give roos alcohol. Don’t introduce roos for hunting. Who gave these roos to the Wyoming state?

    1. They were given to wyoming parks by the australian govt. For the sole purpose of releasing, breeding, and hunting. I dont agree with the concept of bringing in a species that never naturally existed in north america, especially since the roos serve no ecological purpose there… only having been brought in to reproduce and be slaughtered

  5. Can they survive the winter? I do believe they come from a much warmer climate. They’ll probably die off in the Wyoming winter.

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