Utah Names New DUI Law After Former Utah Highway Patrol Officer ‘Lisa Steed.’

Dirty Steeds, Done Dirt Cheap!

In this photo from the Utah Highway Patrol’s 75th anniversary yearbook, Cpl. Lisa Steed stands with a shotgun.
Courtesy Utah Highway Patrol

Salt Lake City, Utah- Lisa Steed is a former Davis Country Utah Highway Patrol. She was the state’s top revenue making machine. She broke state records for DUI arrest. She was even awarded ‘Trooper Of The Year” for it.  But Lisa had a dirty little secret. 99% of her DUI arrest were bogus.

Credit: Deseret News

Steed’s  dark secret finally came to light. Video evidence was submitted and she was fired for wrongfully arresting Utah residents for a DUI, most of them weren’t even drinking. After unnecessarily destroying lives, tearing apart families and costing people their jobs. Steed was finished, and lawsuits were filed.

Steeds absence has been painful for the state. She was bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Now they are paying out the victims in lawsuits and damages. The state of Utah was trying to figure out how to reinstate Lisa’s revenue stream, with her being absent. Steed tried to  return to the Utah Highway Patrol, but a federal judge shut her hopes and dreams of returning down. Herbert’s office cooked up the perfect plan. The ultimate way to give a perfectly sober person a DUI. “Lisa’s Law” or “THE LISA STEED ACT” was modeled after her. The law drops the blood alcohol level from .08 to .05. Bam! Now all Utah cops have the powers that Lisa had. Think of her as an evil Sith Lord that brought corruption and darkness into police officers hearts.

Credit: Fox 13 News

The state is back in business! Arrest are being made left and right. Utahns are being busted for using mouthwash, sipping kombucha and even rubbing essential oils on their skin. School children are even being locked up for drinking semi-fermented juice boxes. The numbers are going up and the state is excited.

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  1. The AMA states VERY clearly that a person is impaired at .05. The request for this law was made over 25 years ago by then representative Nora Stevens but was declined. It was declined by several legislatures who slept during my testimony of our 17 year old daughter killed by an impaired driver. They SLEPT in their chairs until their buddy nudged them awake to vote. My daughter’s life wasn’t even worth their at least listening to the arguments. WHY do we want even impaired drivers on our roads that are overcrowded and already at risk? WHY can’t people have compassion and caring for other people……is getting drunk on your butt and driving really worth the risk of killing yourself, others or both?

    1. No, a person is not impaired at .05. Having a drink at dinner does not constitute a reason to have a life destroyed as a responsible adult.

  2. The author of this article ought to be ashamed of themselves.. that entire last paragraph is BS. Show me a case of a Utahn arrested for “sipping kombucha, mouthwash, or rubbing essential oils on their skin. Cite some sources and then you’ll be believed. Pathetic attempt to make people outraged.

    1. Holy Shit!! You know that this article is satire right? Meaning it’s a spoof, joke, untrue and very funny. My hell if you didn’t pick up on that you shouldn’t be on the road because sober or not your brain function is way below par..

  3. I was arrested by steed with no alcohol Level and she humiliated me for no reason. making you take sobriety test a t the front door of a seven eleven doctoring up her dash cam footage to make it look like I ran a stop sign and top pursuit speed 31 miles per hour .the cop should be doing ten years if it were us lying and giving false information to the courts
    On all those cases you would be doing time. I can’t believe the state would name a law after a crooked cop …..It just goes to show as long as you have a badge you can violate people’s rights to the fullest and get away with it no problem .What a joke

  4. Where did you get thje 99% figure from? I know some of her arrests were bogus– but 99%?? And it’s not as easy for a sober person to read .5% as you make it out to be.

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