Godzilla Attacks Mormon Temple In Japan & Has An Epic Battle With Angel Moroni!

Fukuoka, Japan – Godzilla just attacked the Japanese Mormon temple. Japan warned the Mormons that Godzilla was territorial of that area. Top church officials are now rethinking the whole dinosaur thing. “Maybe, we were wrong about the dinosaurs.”  Said, Zachariah Hyrum Smith. Smith is a spokesman at the church and was also a science major at BYU. He has devoted much of his life disproving that dinosaurs actually existed. “I guess all those fetchin’ bones in Vernal, Utah could be real” Smith added.

Moroni was lifeflighted to LDS Hospital and is being treated for his wounds. Godzilla has apparently fled the scene in Angel Moroni’s stolen minivan.

We will update you as this story unfolds.


Godzilla Vs. Moroni – Showdown at The Mormon Temple in Fukuoka, Japan!

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