Irish Setters Protest Mitt Romney At The Utah State Capitol

Salt Lake City, Utah- Thousands of Irish Setters showed up at the State Capitol to voice their opposition of Mitt Romney’s Senate seat ambititions. Utah has already projected that he’ll win buy a landslide. Romney has a lot of support from the LDS community in Utah. It’s inivetable that he will replace Orrin Hatch after he retires.

Here’s an old video I made in 2011 when Mitt was running for president. That was a long time ago, but the dogs have not forgotten.

“Woof, woof, bark, grrrrr, snarl” Said, Lucky – A Bountiful Irish Setter.  This roughly translate to “We have not forgot about Seamus. Mitt strapped the family dog to the top of the car while on holiday. This type of behavior is unacceptable. As a dog community, we do not feel that Mittens represents dogs or people. We stand in solidarity with Seamus. Who does Mr. Romney think he is, Clark W. Griswold?”

Seamus, The Romney Family Dog


Although the dogs have kept the protest peaceful, things are starting escalate. Dogs have been peeing on Mitt’s campaign signs. After the freshly fallen snow. Hundereds of dogs have been pooping on Mitt’s lawn.

“It’s like a time released protest. We will not know the extent of the damage until the Spring Thaw. All I know is it smells really bad. I had to rub icy hot on my moustache to curb the smell.” Said, Leaf Sperry of the Utah Highway Patrol.

We will update you on this story as it unfolds.