Save The Jackalopes Of Antelope Island

The Story

Antelope Island, Utah- Our story begins back in the 1800s. In the middle of the Great Salt resides Antelope Island. Wildlife is everywhere! Antelope, birds, waterfowl, bison, bighorn sheep, wading birds, small mammals, reptiles, coyotes, bobcats, jackrabbits, pronghorn, mule deer and several species of rodents. Millions of migrating birds are visiting the island. Chukars, burrowing owls, lo-billed curlews, pelicans, cranes and several birds of prey are all enjoying there stay. All is well on Antelope Island.

David Irons Jr./Flickr

The Most Majestic Creature On The Island

One critter I didn’t bring up is the mighty jackalope. Billions of the horned rabbits  live and thrive on the island. A stud buck jackalope finds his doe mate and has a large family. A baby jackalope suckles on his  mom’s tit. His adolescent brother feeds on the lush green grass.  Jackalope herds run rampant on the island. The jackalope population is exploding.

A Jackalope Family

Mother Rabbit With Young

Fast forward to 1969 and the construction of the island causeway is complete. You can now drive to the island! Excited explorers drive their vehicles out to the island for hiking, camping and boating. And the stupid ones, fishing. Antelope Island is now in reach for the general public.  Good for people, bad for jackalopes.


The fall of the Jackalopes


A five point jackalope buck ventures out into the road. Little does he know that a Ford Falcon is heading straight for him at 60 Mph. Bam! The unexpecting jackalope is hit and killed by the car. One by one, the jackalopes are ran down and killed by vehicles.

Poor little guy didn’t even see it coming 🙁

Jackalope Hunting Is Closed

Mounted Buck Jackalope/Cabela’s

DWR is no longer selling jackalope permits. This special hunt will no longer take place, at least until the numbers re-populate.

This rare jackalope hybrid is extinct. His cousins are next! 🙁

Endangered Species

Seriously! How can you just sit there and do nothing!?
If you can scroll past this. You’re an a$$h0le!

Now it’s 2017 and the jackalope population has diminished and they are now on the endangered species list.

Sarah Mclachlan is here to help

Countless celebrities are doing there part. You should too! WWBD? What would Bono Do?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Credit/South Park

The Solution

Credit: Redbrand

“What we need is fence, and a lot of it. ” Said, Harry Manwood of the DWR.

Signs! Signs! Everywhere A Sign!

“Some jackalope crossing signs wouldn’t hurt either. ” Said, Harry Peter and Antelope Island toll booth worker

Let’s make The Antelope Island Jackalope Ranch a reality.  These animals need a a safe haven. Please, won’t you help?

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My Rescue Jackalope Therapy Animal

Did I save him or did he save me?

I hit this little fella with my car and nursed him back to health. He’s now my rescue animal.

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Save the Jackalopes of Antelope Island!