Polar Bears Return To Strawberry Reservoir In Utah!

Polar Bear in Strawberry Lake

Strawberry, Utah- After an early thaw this year, winter showed up fashionably late. As lake ice was pretty much gone by January. The Utah DWR was less than optimistic about the polar bears ever returning to the reservoir.

Welcome Home, Lil’ Fella!

“We were in trouble! In 2006 komoto dragons were illegally introduced in the area. The polar bears were keeping the population down. Komoto dragons, rattlesnakes, lizards and the Utah brown beaver are the primary diet of polar bears. They are also fond of the raspberry shakes that are popular with the locals. These bears are also know to feed on scorpions and tarantula. These giant lizards were eating all the dolphins and tuna in the lake. We are happy to see the bears back up here “Said, Hyrum Smith of the Utah DWR.

Ice, Ice, Baby!

With winter finally showing up, all of the ice is back and the bears have returned! The anglers have also returned to do some ice fishing. Most of them are trying their luck to catch a tagged dolphin. Fish and Game wants to remind everyone that polar bears are dangerous. If you encounter one on the ice to put your arms in the air and charge the bear. Make a lot of noise and maintain good eye contact. If that does not work… Scream really loud to startle the bears and then run away fast. If it gets a hold of you, give it purple nurples or a wet willy. Bears hate that sh*t. You can also try Salsa or Greek Wedding Dancing the Polar Bears love to dance.

Polar Bear Salsa Dancing

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.

Bull Sharks Illegally Introduced To Pineview Reservoir

Pineview Reservoir,  Utah- If you like to swim at Pineview Reservoir, Tiger Muskies biting your toes are the least of your problems. Bull sharks were illegally introduced into the freshwater lake, and they are thriving!

Getty Images

Bull sharks are notorious for swimming out of the salty ocean and venturing out and venturing hundreds of miles up freshwater rivers. They can easily adapt to the change. With Pineviews unique ecosystem,  the sharks evolved, adapted and are at the top of food chain.

The bad news is… There have been recent shark attacks and  sharks are literally snapping Tiger Muskies in half.

Harry Manwood, a Bountiful man was one of the sharks latest victims.

“Swimming will be closed for the summer until we completely drain the reservoir and get rid of the sharks” Said, Red Peters of the DWR.

Anglers are allowed to catch as many as you want. But you must kill the invasive species.

The 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming are already causing problems in Utah

Coalville, Utah- This morning county10.com  broke the story that 90 kangaroos were released in Dubois, Wyoming.


Not long after the kangaroos found their way to Utah. They were spotted around Echo Reservoir. Kangaroos are fond of fish, birds and have plenty of greens to eat. Hyrum Tolman of the Utah DWR thinks they will hang around the area for along time and start breeding.

When the kangaroos made their way to Coalville, that’s when the trouble started. Kangaroos happen to be very fond of beer. Problem is, they are billegerent drunks. Reports are pouring in of drunken Kangaroos breaking into houses, stealing food, beer, and whatever else they can get their paws on.

Jed Cummings, a Coalville resident said “I went outside today to go to work and noticed broken glass on the ground by my truck. The kangaroos stole a few CDS from my collection. They were pretty selective about what they took. Men at Work, Midnight Oil, AC-DC, Keith Urban, Olivia Newton John and Crowded House CDs. They only took CDs made by Australian bands. That’s when I knew it was the damn kangaroos!”

Emma Smith, of Echo said “They broke into my home and stole twinkies, beer and a BMX Bandits VHS tape. I guess they like shitty Nicole Kidman movies.”


Kangaroos have been known to box and fight. Unfortunately, adrunk kangaroo is 10 times worse. Here’s two kangaroos fighting in the streets of Coalville.

Kangaroos are also being struck by cars. Here’s a dashcam video of a kangaroo being struck by a car off of I-80 East.

Wyoming obiously made a big mistake releasing these kangaroos into to the wild. Day one and these kangaroos are causing nothing but trouble.

Do not approach the kangaroos, they are dangerous and love to fight.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.