Breaking News: Scientists bring back the UtahRaptor

Vernal, Utah- A group of Utah scientists have successfully cracked the genome of the UtahRaptor.

The UtahRaptor was originally discovered in a quicksand death trap in Utah.

These dinosaurs were 10 times the size of the all other raptors. Weighing in at one ton and standing twice the height of a human. Total length was approximately 25 feet long.

Baby raptors were successful grown in test tubes. Two raptors have already reached maturity, they will be released into a sanctuary in Dinosaurland. Rumor has it, Thanksgiving Point is interested in bidding on the dinosaurs and making an exhibit. Simular to something straight out of the movie Jurassic Park.

This story was leaked by an employee of DinoCorp. This person would like to remain anonymous. They will be sending us more photos, video and data soon.

Stay Tuned! We will keep you updated as this story unfolds.