22 New Potential Sites For Utah Homeless Shelters

Salt Lake City,Utah- The people of SLC can’t seem to agree on a location to house the new homeless shelter. Surrounding cities don’t  want be a part of it. Town halls all over Utah have erupted in protest, bickering and fighting. Nobody seems to want to have a homeless shelter in their town. Local officials are fed up with trying to please everyone and are finally doing something about it.

“We are selecting the sites and we don’t want to hear anymore bickering or complaining about it.” Said, Tim Tolman of the Salt Lake City Council.”

The state has reached a crossroads and since nobody wants to lift the burden or take care of Utah’s homeless. The state has reached the point where they will select multiple  sites and just make it happen. They don’t really care who raises their voice in opposition, they are beyond that and just want to move forward.

22 new cities have been selected and it’s all possible through private funding, donations  and your tax dollars at work.

Here’s a list of potential sites.

1. Granite, Utah

Nick Bianco/flickr

With plenty of vacant land near snowbird, this is the perfect place to accommodate a shanty town. There is plenty of room for tents.

2. Summit Park, Utah

Chris Nichols/flickr

An anonymous wealthy local wants to donate a large chunk of property for Utah’s homeless.

3. South Snyderville Basin, Utah


Has plenty of open space and could potentially house hundreds of homeless. There could also be a soup kitchen in the works.

4. Olympus Cove, Utah


Has plenty of potential properties and resources for a new center.

5. Alta, Utah

Rob Wynne/flickr

5 acres of land owned by the State of Utah might soon house Utah’s homeless.

6. Woodland Hills, Utah

Don LaVange/flickr


This city is on the map to accommodate Utah County’s homeless.

7. Highland, Utah

By Eric Ward from Provo, UT, USA, via Wikimedia Commons

This city has many prime spots that the state is looking at.


8. Fruit Heights, Utah

“Fruit Heights Utah City Hall” by Ntsimp

An old fruit Orchard and farm house may soon benefit Davis County’s homeless.

9. Little Cottonwood Creek Valley, Utah

Drew Card/flickr

A private donation might make this area a homeless Hotspot.

10. South Jordan,Utah

An old vacant building west of Bangeter Highway could soon be taking in West Valley’s homeless.

11. Farmington, Utah


A chunk of land owned by Utah would be a perfect solution for Davis County’s homeless. Locals fear that it will turn Farmington Station into Gateway, buts it’s probably going to happen anyways.


12. Alpine, Utah

Alpine City


A generous local is offering 10 acres of prime land for a homeless resource center.


13. Draper, Utah

Ken Lund/flickr

Has four locations on the east side that the state is looking at.


14. South Weber, Utah

South Weber/WikiCommons

A site is in the works for Weber County’s homeless


15. Bluffdale, Utah

Michael Kappel/flickr

An area West of the gravel pit might be a potential spot.

16. Holladay, Utah

Ken Lund/flickr

A Baptist Church offered a small site.

17. Sandy, Utah


A vacant Paradise Bakery could soon be a soup kitchen.

18. Stansbury Park, Utah

Stansbury Park/Facebook

Is looking like it with be the solution for Tooele County’s homeless.

19. Park City, Utah

Raffi Asdourian/flickr

The Park Meadows neighborhood soon may house a homeless resource center and low income housing.

20. Elk Ridge, Utah

Ken Lund/flickr

Don’t rule out this town. It’s a potential target for a resource center.

21. North Salt Lake, Utah


A chunk of vacant land near Eaglewood Golf Course could soon house Utah’s homeless. This privately owned land is the most likely candidate to house the shelter.

22. Bountiful, Utah

Maple Hills or Skyline Drive have two properties that are prime spots for a shelter.


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