Lizard Person Doug Wright Hates Fake News

Salt Lake City, Utah- Today on the Doug Wright Show. Doug discussed the topic of “Fake News.” Being a lizard person from the planet Kolob. Doug knows that reformed Egyptian  code and secret knowledge can be deciphered from fake news sites, tabloids and satire pages. Using an old alchemist method, an urim and thummim can be used to crack the code. Hidden deep within these ancient scripts, is knowledge that can rid the earth of lizard people.

I have been working on cracking the code with a special magic rock. This was the first message I deciphered  “Be Sure To Drink Your Ovalteen.” Drinking this special drink with lift the veil and you can see the lizard people in their true form. This is dangerous for the lizard folk. They know we will not accept their plan heat up earths atmosphere using reptile voodoo magic. Like putting carrots in green jello to accelerate global warming. A special frysauce recipe will break their voodoo hex and will block all bad lizard ju ju from entering your body. We will keep you posted as this story unfolds. And help you prepare your for an attempted hostile, interdimensional alien takeover.




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